Quality Rehab Resources Consulting Services

Quality Rehab Resources has consulted for over 20 new startup Alcohol and Drug / Behavioral Health treatment organizations in accomplishing their new business goals from a simple idea to an active licensed and certified DHCS Alcohol and Drug or DSS Licensed Mental Health treatment provider. We’ve assisted in program development, staffing resources, and provided trustworthy third-party resources, such as EHR/EMR vendors, Insurance UR/Billing services, and Toxicology services. – Quality Rehab Resources is currently providing JCAHO consulting services customized to the provider’s needs and delivering hands-on ongoing site visits during the preparation process. Below is a limited list of services offered by QRR.

  • Mental Health and Addiction Rehab Startup
  • Program Development, Implementation, and Expansion
  • AOD Licensing-Certification Department of Health Care Services
  • Mental Licensing-Certification Department of Social Services
  • Licensing-Certification Department of Health Care Services
  • Joint Commission Behavioral Health Accreditation
  • CARF Behavioral Health Accreditation
  • Customized Electronic Health Record
  • Quality Performance Improvement
  • Outcomes Design, Implementation, and Data Analysis
  • Measurement-Based Care / Feedback-Informed Treatment
  • Utilization Review and Medical Billing Resources


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Serving Orange County, San Diego, and Los Angeles

Contact QRR for a consultation to discuss the future of your new or current addiction and mental health rehab.
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