Rehab Startup – CDSS/DHCS Licensing – Design & Development – EHR – JCAHO Accreditation

Our business model is simple… we’ve designed, developed, researched and learned through trial and error, all facets of the business of recovery for over a decade and a half. As experts in today’s local and state regulatory compliance guidelines, accreditatation standards, and the changing demands of health insurance  – It’s time to share our hard-earned knowleged and wisdom with passionate and ethical NEW REHAB and EXISTING REHAB business owners willing to raise the standards bar in quality of care in the addiction and mental health treatment industry.


New Rehab Start-Up

You’ve pondered this idea after a while now and to get started all you need is passion and motivation. QRR will assist you with an overall understanding about the Addiction Treatment business and how to start a new rehab to materialize your vision.

DHCS / CDSS Licensing and Certification

The first step in opening a CA Rehab is Licensing & Certification with the Department of Health Care Services or Community Care Social Services. QRR can provide guidance or take ownership of the entire project while educating throughout the process.

Program Development

Develop your treatment center unique from the status quo. Learn and apply innovated treatment techniques including evidence based and holistic practices functioning in harmony under an embrella of person-centered care.

Electronic Health Records

Information management technology continues to advance rapidly and so should the IT and EHR services used by your business. QRR will assist with a solution that meets your budget.

Insurance utilization review & billing

QRR will guide your business through this complex process of benefits verification, authorizations, and revenue cycle management including networking with trustworthy third-party resources


Ethics and Best Practices

Demand for ethical quality of care, qualified service providers, and business practice integrity is higher than ever before. QRR’s Primary Goal is to be an integral component in restructuring the addiction treatment industry.

Rehab Marketing

The “Business of Recovery” is extremely competitive – To survive, your business will need to implement an array of marketing strategies including website design, SEO, SEM, and SMM to reach consumers through a smoke screen of sophisticated marketing schemes.

Business Growth

As your optimize business practices and clinical services delivery, consider expanding to offer a full continuum of care before preparing for accreditation for all service sites.


Insurers, payers, and stakeholders are preferring Accreditation. QRR will manage, educate, and guide you through the rigorous process of preparation for JCAHO surveys and successful accreditation.

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